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GitLab CI

Cimon integrates seamlessly with GitLab CI/CD, providing robust support for automating your pipeline workflows.

GitLab CI/CD Runners Support

GitLab CI/CD offers flexible runner options, and Cimon is designed to adapt to various environments. Here's how Cimon supports GitLab CI/CD runners:

  • Runner Compatibility: Cimon is compatible with GitLab CI/CD runners running on Ubuntu or any other supported OS.
  • Host Whitelisting: GitLab-related hosts are automatically whitelisted to ensure smooth communication.
  • Ignored IPs: Cimon ignores internal IP addresses to streamline communication.
  • Performance Optimization: Cimon tracks descendant processes of the pipeline runner process to enhance performance.
  • Custom Reporting: Cimon generates reports tailored to the GitLab CI/CD job artifacts.

Cimon Installation

Cimon can be easily installed within GitLab CI/CD pipelines using a predefined setup script. This script facilitates the download and installation of Cimon within seconds.


To install Cimon within your GitLab CI/CD pipeline, include the predefined setup script in your .gitlab-ci.yml file:


before_script: |
# Download Cimon
curl -sSfL | sh
# Start Cimon
sudo -E ./bin/cimon agent start-background

script: |
# Run commands
curl -sm 1 || true

after_script: |
# Stop Cimon
sudo -E ./bin/cimon agent stop

Refer to CLI for additional information regarding the supported environment variables.

Job Summary Report

Cimon can upload the final report as a job artifact. Simply specify the CIMON_REPORT_ARTIFACT environment variable, and Cimon will utilize the CI_JOB_TOKEN to upload the report as a job artifact. For example: