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Security Report

Cimon reports its findings through a security report embedded in the pipeline summary in GitHub Actions. A separate report will be produced for each CI job, which can be viewed in the pipeline summary menu:{org}/{repo}/actions/runs/{run_id}.

Here is an example of a standard security report in GitHub:

The full example report could be found here.

The report includes the following parts:

  • Title and summary - Explain the method Cimon is using ("Detect" or "Prevent") and whether suspicious activity was detected.
  • Policy suggestion - An aggregated analysis of the findings to suggest preventive policies to the user.
  • Network Events - TCP/UDP connections made within the pipeline and compliance with the policy.
  • Resolved Domains - Information about all domains resolved (but not necessarily connected) within the pipeline.
  • (Optional Flag - Beta) Process Tree - A tree-like overview of all pipeline processes.
  • (Optional Flag - Beta) File System Events - All file operation made within the pipeline.

Next steps

After completing this guide, you should be familiar with how to run Cimon and monitor its results. You can check additional resources for how to utilize Cimon to secure your build pipelines: