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GitHub App

What is GitHub App

A GitHub App is a third-party integration that can be used to extend the functionality of GitHub organizations. It is offered as part of GitHub marketplace, and can be used to manage repositories and review code changes in a streamlined and efficient way. GitHub offers a simple onboarding experience for GitHub Apps, allowing vendors receivng find-grained and managed access to users' organizations and repositories, extending GitHub capabilities - improving the development process, adding security tools, integrating with CI services, and more.

Cimon GitHub App

To simplify your integration with Cimon, we created a GitHub App that is available here. This app will allow you to grant the Cimon platform fine-grained access to your organization, and contains limited set of permissions which are thorouhgly explained here.

The app receives access only to the resources you specified during the installation, which can be changed at any time. When you install the GitHub App, you can choose to approve granting permissions to all repositories within the organization, or specific ones. In addition, if you have access to several organizations, you can install the app on each and every one of them.

Why GitHub App

GitHub App integration is a simple method to grant 3rd party vendors limited access to your repositories. With that access, we help you to manage the Cimon management within our Cimon platform, for example (not all features currently exists):

  • Monitor all the installations of Cimon within your pipelines.
  • Understand whether Cimon is installed on detect or on prevent.
  • Help onboarding with automatically creating access tokens, and manageing them within GitHub Actions secrets.
  • Help installing Cimon within all your repositories through developer-friendly pull-requests.
  • Manage automatic transition for Cimon from detect-mode to prevent-mode.
  • And more.