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Cimon Platform

The Cimon Platform provides a user-friendly interface for the Cimon agent, and it helps to monitor and manage all Cimon installations, including creating an access key for Cimon authentication.

Accessing Cimon Platform

The Cimon platform is accessible through

To use the Cimon Platform, you must log in through GitHub. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the main Cimon Platform page.

Monitoring Cimon

The platform allows the monitoring of all Cimon installations from a single dashboard. You will see all your GitHub organizations, repositories, and workflows you have authorized in the GitHub App onboarding authorization flow.

As an organization admin, this holistic view allows you to find security gaps in your pipelines. For each Cimon installed, you can also find out whether it uses the "Detect Mode" or the preferred "Prevent Mode".

Generating Access Tokens

To install and run Cimon in your workflows, you must have an access token generated on the platform.

On the "Access Tokens" page, you can generate a pair of tokens, client-id and secret that need to be stored securely within GitHub, just as explained in Getting Started.